Monday, November 9, 2009 is a cross-partisan website that provides insight into the web usage of the 2008 political campaign and beyond. With a focus on politics at all levels, President Obama's initiatives, and user-generated political content, founders Andrew Rasiej and Micah L. Sifry, and their staff provide timely coverage and analysis of online politics.

The website offers blogs, charts, writings, and resources that users can access free of charge. Membership isn't required to participate in the online community, though users are encouraged to sign up for a newsletter or register for the site.

One interesting and humorous interactive portion of the site is called VoteVid. It asks users to vote on their favorite political videos. When I clicked today, the first two videos were called Beyonce - Single Ladies Spoof, which started with the image of President Obama raising his right hand to be sworn into office. The other video that appeared above the fold was called Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music. Users can vote and share the video with the click of the button.

The "Resources" section of the website includes links to official candidate website and blogs. There is also a section titled "Grading the Candidates Tech Policies" where the editors of evaluate Republicans and Democrats based on their policies and reverence for the Internet.

This website is well-designed and is easy to navigate. I wasn't overwhelmed with large amounts of information, which I appreciated.

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